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New Practice
if you are thinking to start a new practice, this is your chance to have a grate advanced practice software.
Switching Software
If you are thinking to switch the software provider, our software is the best fit for practices needs.
Multi-Practice Growth
If you are looking for a multi-practice solution, here you can manage patient and your team effectively.
Practice Transition
If you are planning to retire or sell your practice, here you can increase the value of the practice.

About us

Advanced Technology

for Best Dentists

Product Quality
Our software is developed using best practices and international medical standards, advanced technology and a special designed works on all platforms and devices.
Our software covers all the clinic requirements, Patient Management, Reception Management, Appointment, Lab Inventory, MS/Emails etc..
Ease of use
CRPTON Management Tools Make the clinic work flow Easy and Flexible.



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    Welcome To CRPTON

    We are an established

    family that provide solutions

    Our experts focus on delivering lasting impact, we ensure all aspect of our work are for the benefit of doctors. As a technology partner we provide innovative, creative, and dynamic solutions with measurable outcomes, we love solving problems and deliver success.


    Managed Your

    Heathcare Services

    CRPTON Labrx

    The solution for the management of your Dental Laboratory.
    Quick, efficient and easy-to-use.

    CRPTON LabRx can manage the work of your dental laboratory from A to Z . An intuitive graphical interface, quick and easy commands allow you to automate the management of your work and the creation of technician reports. You can focus on your work and be sure that your activities will be managed in the best manner, without waste your time.

    Lab case

    The Laboratory case is the heart of the program where you can enter the works quickly and accurately. An intuitive graphical interface, quick and easy commands allow you to load the work data directly from the doctor prescription. You can create the quotation for each dentist, set the phases of process and assign it to the technician, the materials that have been used and the technicians assigned to the case.


    CRPTON Community

    CRPTON Community is a whole new service for doctors where they can search topics, post topics, and share all the knowledge they want between each other.


    CRPTON Reception

    CRPTON reception is a new service for clinics that allow patients to fill their information, medical history, and sign consents. It also allow the patients to evaluate the clinic, doctors, clinic staff… Etc.


    Dental Cloud

    Now you can view, add, edit and manage all of your appointment from anywhere and the data will be synced instantly to your CRPTON Desktop so you can manage your calendar and send messages to patients without any delay.



    CRPTON Dental Practice Management is a new modern and ergonomic design for ease of use. The new technologies used to develop CRPTON allows achieving and maintaining higher performances in order to manage large amounts of data in a stable and secure way.


    CRPTON Dental Practice Management features:


    • Patient Record
      The Patient Record contains all the information you need to know about a patient. You have access to the treatment plan, from the examination to the invoicing. You can select the treatment of the patient and the treatment plan history through the special dental model which is designed according to the international medical standards. The accounting data of the patient and his treatment case is also immediately visible. The Patient Record is easy to use. All information about a patient is in one easy-to-navigate record: there’s no need to toggle between modules. Our user interface keeps important information close and has quick access to appointments, contact information, clinical treatment history, insurance information, and financial records.
    • Appointment SchedulingThe Calendar can be daily, weekly and monthly, visible for single and multiple practitioners. Automatic SMS are sent to the patients to remind and recall them in order to reduce missed appointments. Request of appointments can be sent directly from the Practice website and visible in your agenda. Also, you can manage your appointment book on smartphone or tablet with the service CRPTON Dental Cloud, and always synchronized with your Dental Practice.The system also tracks a patients’ appointment history so this loose and missed appointments are minimized. Importantly, the Scheduler has a Privacy setting that limitation the confidential information of the multi-practice doctor in the clinic.
    • Treatment ManagementCRPTON dental model results in administrative synergies that are otherwise not possible with paper records since the dental model now becomes integrated with the billing, treatment planning, and appointment scheduling functions. Clinical data, once certified, becomes a permanent and secure part of each patient record.
      The Treatment Manager can easily retrieve your patients that have chosen not make their appointment so you can contact them at the appropriate time based on their due date and insurance coverage. Also, you can locate and prioritize outstanding unscheduled treatment so it will never get lost. Filter by provider, required procedures or other criteria to keep the schedule full and your days productive and predictable.
      Patients’ availabilities, preferences, follow-up attempts, and past canceled/missed/changed appointments are all tracked and monitored with warning messages to prevent you from booking failed appointments. The Treatment Planner also integrates with CRPTON Cloud Portal so you can more efficiently reach patients who require treatment with text messages.
    • Financials and Insurance
      CRPTON can adapt to the financial needs of almost any practice. It supports several models for sharing revenue among dentists. CRPTON provides excellent support for insurance claims and is equally effective for practices that do not accept claims.
      CRPTON uses powerful and flexible financial tracking that far surpasses the industry standard. Patients have all information they need to know such as treatment plan, treatment cost, and so on.
      CRPTON includes an accounting section which manages the clinic’s financials such as invoices, expenses, salaries, treatment costs, and so on.





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